b@s videochallenge 2024

On January 1, we kicked-off of a new round of our video competition! For the eighth-time student teams from all types of schools between the ages of 14 and 20 have until August 1 to become filmmakers and economic experts.


The challenge: Analyze one of 4 featured companies in a compelling 4-minute video, addressing 4 key questions. This year's exciting lineup includes MediaMarkt Saturn, NFL Germany, and Welthungerhilfe. And for the first time, teams may analyze a stock-listed company of their choice.

Why participate? This is more than a competition. It's a journey into the world of entrepreneurship and business. Participants will:

  • gain valuable insights into business operations.
  • strengthen media production and storytelling skills.
  • enhance teamwork and collaborative abilities.
  • win unforgettable experiences with our amazing partner companies!

Ready for the challenge? 

… Lights, Camera, Action!


Info and Registration